Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business

Article 1 – Scope and Amendment of the Terms of Business: These Terms of Business govern any order placed on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website. AURALOG S.A. reserves the right to adapt or amend these Terms of Business at any time. In case of amendment, the applicable Terms of Business will be those in force on the day on which the order is placed.

Article 2 – Product Availability: The Products and prices offered are valid as long as they appear on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website, within the limits of the stock available.

Article 3 – Payment methods: The prices listed on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website are inclusive of taxes. AURALOG S.A. may modify its price list at any time without prior notice; the applicable rates are those in effect at the time of your order. Payment is made by credit card (Visa card, Mastercard, American Express card) and is processed in compliance with existing Internet security protocols. A valid credit card number, the cardholder's name, the expiry date and security code (if applicable) must be provided. By providing your credit card details, you are authorising AURALOG, S.A. to debit your account for the amount of the price of the Products and services ordered. Insofar as the Client orders the Products and/or services offered on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website, his electronic signature on the ' order form ' confirms the conclusion of the contract between the Client and AURALOG S.A. In accordance with the provisions of the law dated 13 March, 2000 in relation to the electronic signature and the 'loi pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique' dated 21 June, 2004, the provision of a credit card number online and the final confirmation of any order with a ' double click ' constitutes the signature and the express acceptance by the Client of all transactions carried out on the website as well as of the present Terms of Business. The Client must pay all import duties, debits, or taxes as well as any tax corresponding to sales, use, value-added tax, or any other tax (excluding taxes on AURALOG, S.A.’s revenue), based on or relating to any sum due to AURALOG, S.A. in accordance with these terms. If the Client is legally required to deduct or withhold tax on the sum due to AURALOG, S.A., then the specified sum should be augmented in such a way that after the deduction or withholding of tax, AURALOG, S.A. receives the amount it would have received had there been no deduction or withholding of tax.

Article 4 Retention of Title: The Products offered on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website will remain AURALOG S.A.’s property until the amount of the order has been paid in full to AURALOG S.A. However, from the moment of receipt of the order by the Client, the Client shall bear any risk related to the delivered goods.

Article 5 – Delivery: Products are delivered to the delivery address given by the Client during the order process. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information he/she may have given for the delivery of his/her order. The delivery does not include the installation, the running of the Product ordered, or the return of an old Product. The Client shall bear packing and delivery fees. According to the nature of the Product ordered and the delivery location, deliveries are made by specific carriers. Delays and delivery fees depend on the designated carrier. In order to track a Product's delivery, the Client will receive an e-mail on the date of the shipping of the Product (Product's departure date from our warehouse).

Article 6Packing/Sampling: In the case of promotional activities in relation to AURALOG S.A.’s partners, the Client may receive free sampling or promotional material with the ordered Products. Only one sample per person and per order is distributed. This is done manually and can lead to errors. AURALOG S.A.’s after-sales service will not treat any complaints in relation to this.

Article 7 – Cancellation: The Client may cancel his/her order within seven (7) days from the date of the order of one or several Products on the auralogstore.co.uk website. This can be done by sending a letter to AURALOG S.A., Suite 401, 302 Regent Street London W1B 3HH United Kingdom. If the Product has not yet been delivered to the Client, the Client will be reimbursed without any penalty. AURALOG S.A. shall reimburse the Client of the amount corresponding to the Product amount paid on the auralogstore.co.uk without the, shipping cost within thirty (30). The repayment shall be done by drawing a check on the Natwest London Bank. If it has been delivered, the Client is entitled to return the Product, at his own cost, within a period of seven (7) days from the date of receiving the order and be reimbursed without any penalty within thirty (30) days. In accordance with Article L. 120-20-2-4° of the 'Code de la Consommation', the right to return a Product cannot be exercised for unsealed Products. If a returned Product is incomplete or damaged by the Client, it will not be accepted by AURALOG S.A.

Article 8 – Warranty: 8.1. General In accordance with the license included with AURALOG S.A.'s Products, the Product and any documentation related to it is guaranteed for a period of one (1) year from the date it is acquired. 8.2. Money Back Guarantee: AURALOG S.A.accepts and refunds boxed software products for return within six (6) months of the purchase date from http://www.tellmemorestore.co.uk only, provided that the said Products include the following elements: - Product with all content in the original package, - a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, - the Client refund or replacement request, - copy of the sales receipt. If AURALOG S.A. is unable to replace the documentation and the defective Products, AURALOG S.A. is committed to refunding the amount paid for the purchase of the Product to the Client. To obtain a RMA, Client shall have to contact AURALOG S.A. by sending an email to returnsuk@tellmemore.com. No Product return shall be approved without a RMA number. All shipping costs are at Client’s sole expenses. AURALOG S.A. is not responsible for any potential lost or stolen merchandise. Once your return has been received and processed, AURALOG S.A. will issue a refund check or credit your account (for credit card transactions) for the amount of your purchase -- less shipping, handling, and applicable tariffs and taxes -- or ship you a replacement copy of your software. Defective merchandise may be exchanged for the same item. If you have any questions regarding our Return Policy, please email us at returnsuk@tellmemore.com. Any program or material provided in accordance with this license agreement is provided on an 'as is' basis. The Client is responsible for installing and using the program. AURALOG S.A. provides no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, written or oral, with respect to the performance of or the results the Client obtains from using the program, data and documentation. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the content of the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website may contain unspecified technical terms or errors and that AURALOG S.A. can make changes or improvements at any time, either to the website, or to the Products and services it offers. The online programs offered on www.tellmemorestore.co.uk (Webpass and Online Language Schoool) offer a 7 day money back guarantee from the activation date.

Article 9 – Technical Support: AURALOG S.A. provides the Client with first level technical support, where technicians will respond to the Client's technical questions. This first level technical support is available in English and French, by telephone, e-mail, fax or post during AURALOG S.A.'s technical support hours. This basic technical assistance is also available through the link 'Contact us' on the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website but is limited to technical problems arising during the use of the Product ordered on the website.

Article 10 – Intellectual Property: The Client acknowledges that the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website’s content is protected by intellectual property laws and that it cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transferred, distributed, sold, exploited, or modified in any way without the express permission of AURALOG S.A. AURALOG S.A. grants the Client the right to use the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website for personal purposes only. This excludes all use with commercial or professional intent. AURALOG S.A. and its suppliers retain ownership of all intellectual property rights relating to the www.tellmemorestore.co.uk website. This includes, but is not limited to, software, data, audio recordings, texts, photos, graphics and videos, which are protected by intellectual property regulations and copyright laws (including patents and trademarks) and the international provisions in force in relation to intellectual property.

Terms of Business TELL ME MORE® e-Learning, e-Tutoring, and e-Coaching
Article 1: Object
These terms of business apply by law to all orders placed by the Client, which benefit the persons designated by the Client (henceforth referred to as “the Students”), for TELL ME MORE ® e-Learning, e-Tutoring and/or e-Coaching language training services. All orders on the part of the Client imply the Client’s express and unreserved acceptance of these terms of business, which the Client has read and understood before ordering the product. The Client should also make these terms known to the Students, who will henceforth be subject by law to the stipulations stated in Article 5. These terms of business take precedence over all other conditions with the exception of those that have been expressly accepted by AURALOG.
Article 2: Orders
To be taken into account, all orders should be placed using the order form supplied by AURALOG, and then sent by mail or fax, or delivered in person to a representative of AURALOG or ordered from our online store.
Article 3: Services provided by AURALOG.
AURALOG will supply foreign language learning services to the Students designated by the Client online in the target and interface languages chosen for each Student from the available languages. AURALOG will supply the following solution, including access to the TELL ME MORE ® core method online, for the duration of training.
1/ For the first three months, the TELL ME MORE® e-Coaching Live services three (3) months license includes :
- First level Technical Support in English by email and/or telephone;
- Student Kick Off call;
- Defining of objectives;
- A Placement Test;
- Sending Personalized Training Programs;
- Assigned Language Coach; -
 Responses to all student questions (pedagogical and functional);
- Personalized weekly follow-up by telephone;
- Monthly detailed reports sent to students with dedicated Coach’s comments;
- Basic Project Management;
- Available counselors 24X7 who answer in English all questions (technical, pedagogical and or functional). Students enrolled in e-Coaching Live will receive a weekly follow up call from their assigned language Coach. In the event that the Coach is not able to reach the student, a second attempt will be made. In the event that the student is not available on the second attempt the assigned language Coach will send an email to the Student indicating that they will call back the following week.
2/ For the next 9 months, The TELL ME MORE® e-Tutoring nine (9) months license includes:
- First level Technical Support in English by email and/or telephone;
- Sending Personalized Training Programs;
- Team of Tutors (not individually assigned);
- Responses to all student questions (pedagogical and functional);
- Monthly detailed reports (without additional Tutor comments) sent to students;
- Automatic follow-up;
- A Progress Test;
- Two Language Achievement Tests, to evaluate the learner language level;
- Basic Project Management;
- Available counselors 24X7 who answer in English all questions (technical, pedagogical and or functional). AURALOG will be responsible for first-level technical support: AURALOG’s technicians will be responsible for testing the configuration of the Students’ workstations and will answer the Students’ technical questions directly, in English, by telephone, mail, fax, or email, during Technical Support’s business hours.
Article 4: Prices, Payment Schedules, Payment
Prices of products and services are listed excluding taxes. AURALOG reserves the right to change rates without notice; the applicable rates are those which are in use on the day of the order. Unless otherwise agreed to by AURALOG payment is to be made upon placement of the order. The Client has 7 days from the date of purchase to cancel his order. The Client must pay all import duties, debits, or taxes as well as any tax corresponding to sales, use, value-added tax, or any other tax (excluding taxes on AURALOG’s revenue), based on or relating to any sum due to AURALOG in accordance with these terms. If the Client is legally required to deduct or withhold tax on the sum due to AURALOG, then the specified sum should be augmented in such a way that after the deduction or withholding of tax, AURALOG receives the amount it would have received had there been no deduction or withholding of tax. AURALOG reserves the right to cancel any order placed by a Client with whom there exists a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order.
Article 5: Obligations of the Client and Students
The Client agrees to ensure that the Students’ meet the minimum configuration required by AURALOG. In addition, the Client agrees to make any modifications deemed necessary following computer tests run by AURALOG’s technical department. The Client agrees to designate a Training Manager as well as a technical contact. The start date of the training period of one or several Students can be delayed on the condition that this delay has been accepted by AURALOG before the start date that was originally given. Training interruptions of a minimum of five (5) consecutive days and a maximum of up to two (2) months per Student in total can be accepted by AURALOG and for a training program with a duration of one (1) year or less.
Article 6: Liability
After familiarizing him- or herself with the potentialities, finality, functionalities and operative mode of the TELL ME MORE® e-Learning, e-Tutoring and e-Coaching services proposed by AURALOG, the Client will have assessed the adequacy of the service or services that he or she has chosen with his or her own needs and assumes liability. Under no circumstances will AURALOG incur liability for loss of data or for costs covering the acquisition of products or replacement services. Without prejudice for the preceding, the liability of AURALOG cannot exceed the sum it has received up to the date that the liability was generated.
Article 8: Personal Data
Client shall be responsible for the completion of any legal obligation concerning the collection and the transmission of the personal data of the students. In no event will AURALOG be liable for any infringement to such legal obligations. Unless the Client and/or Learners have otherwise specified, AURALOG can send them messages, including electronic ones, concerning products and services which are similar to those ordered by the Client.
Article 9: Intellectual Property Rights
AURALOG and its suppliers retain ownership of all intellectual property rights related to software and documentation. This includes but is not limited to the software, the speech recognition components contained therein, the data, the audio recordings, the texts, the images, the graphics and videos, as well as all documentation related to the software, which are protected by intellectual property rights and copyright laws (including patents and trademarks) and the international provisions in force related to intellectual property.
Article 10: Maintenance
AURALOG will use the state of the art means to protect and safeguard any data it has gathered while carrying out its obligations. In addition, AURALOG agrees to use the necessary means to create optimal conditions for the functioning of the TELL ME MORE® program and the related services. AURALOG shall not be held liable for the consequences of events external to TELL ME MORE ®, such as electrical failure or temporary email system failures. For maintenance reasons, AURALOG may momentarily disrupt access to the TELL ME MORE ® program and its related services. AURALOG will endeavor to give the Client reasonable notice and will make its best efforts to prevent causing the Client any inconvenience.
Article 11: Viruses
Each party shall take all actions necessary in order to obtain appropriate protection against viruses which could potentially infect other computers.
Article 12: References
During the term of the service provided to the Client, Client authorizes AURALOG to use its trademark, brand and logo for promotional purposes of the AURALOG services and products on a worldwide territory. Client authorizes AURALOG and or its affiliates to use files provided by Client at the end of the training, relative to its training feedback. AURALOG and or its affiliates shall use these files in order to create « Case study » made for AURALOG and or its affiliate’s activity’s promotion.
Article 13: Force Majeure
Excepting the obligation to pay, neither party can be held liable for a delay or breach in the execution of its obligations when this delay or breach is the result of force majeure. AURALOG is the party affected by the force majeure and cannot restore the Services to comply in all material respects with this Agreement and the applicable Work Order(s) within [sixty (60)] days of the commencement of the force majeure, Client may elect to terminate this Agreement or the applicable Work Order(s) without any further payment upon written notice to AURALOG.
Article 14: Duration
These terms of business apply as long as the training of one or more Students has not yet ended.
Article 15: Severability
If any portion of any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, then that provision shall be given no effect and shall be deemed not to be included within the terms of this agreement, without invalidating any of the remaining terms of this agreement.
Article 16: Applicable Law & Dispute Resolutions
This Agreement (including any Work Order(s)) is subject to French law and all disputes relating to it shall be settled by the courts elected by the applicant.