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  TELL ME MORE Webpass Live tutor
Combination on-line + private classes via SKYPE®
- Available in 5 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English
- All levels
- 4 different plans adapted to your choice concerning length of membership and number of private classes
- On-line classes: a wealth of content, drawn from real-life situations and a variety of professional fields
- Private classes: via SKYPE®, taught by highly trained and experienced native speakers employed by TELL ME MORE®. Duration 30 min. (including preparation). Learning aids are supplied.
- Accessible from any computer (1) connected to the Internet and with SKYPE® software.


All promotions or discounts are only applied on the amount of the first installment. The displayed price in your basket is the amount of the first installment.

Description System Requirements

- A personalized program suited to your background

(from beginner to advanced) and to your needs (conversational or professional emphasis, vocabulary specific to your professional responsibilities)

- Unlimited access throughout the period of your subscription to TELL ME MORE® V10 Online,

24/7, wherever you are. All you need is a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) connected to the Internet (1).


s comprehensive content: 2,000 hours of instruction available, 40 different interactive activities, based primarily on voice recognition, 40,000 exercises, 90 hours of videos (Euronews® videos), 480 interactive dialogues, and the new Conversation Virtuelle™ (Virtual Conversation) activity, which works primarily on comprehension and oral expression, but also writing, vocabulary, grammar, and sociocultural aspects, while holding your interest throughout (2).

- Monitoring and verifying your progress:

Periodic progress testing and certification are options.

- Private classes: the instructor follows your own pace of learning.

- via skype®:

the webcam allows the student and the instructor to see each other, to encourage interaction, and to write to each other “live” to reinforce communication. Installing SKYPE® is fast and easy. And with the “SKYPE call recorder” software, you can record your session (1). See if your computer is compatible with SKYPE®

- given by TELL ME MORE’s skilled, native instructors,

who live in Europe or in the United States.

These 4 instructors are part of the TELL ME MORE team of Live Tutors™

- 30-minute sessions:

With the focus on comprehension and oral expression, every minute requires full concentration and is 100% effective. This intentionally compact period includes 5 minutes of class preparation and 25 minutes of direct communication with your instructor via skype®.

- based on individualized classes

(300 different topics) (5) See examples of class topics

- You schedule your classes yourself,

by choosing your instructor. Many timeslots are available, from 9 am to 11 pm, depending on the language and the instructor.


1. Enrolling in the online Webpass™program

On the www.tellmemorewebpass.com site, you enter your “Webpass™” license number, which you received by e-mail, and your personal information (choice of the target language, profile, user names, etc.).

2. Enrolling in “Live Tutor™“ private classes

Connect to your Webpass™ account.
Ask to add private classes and enter the “class card” license number, which you received by e-mail. Give your Skype® nickname

3. Planning your personalized Webpass™ Program.

- Assessment of your level by taking a placement test the first time your connect,
- Definition of your goals: improvement of your written and oral proficiency in general language or business language, specialization based on your professional duties.
Your Personalized Training Program:
This program includes lessons adapted to your level and to your goals, made up of interactive dialogues and exercises to improve comprehension and oral expression, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, or even cultural aspects.

4. Your Webpass Training

• You work using the software at the times and frequency of your choice as dictated by your personal schedule.
• Any work session may be paused and resumed later. Your work is saved from one session to another.
- 2 approaches are available, according to your personal preferences or needs:
* The guided approach is structured around lessons with increasing levels of difficulty.
* In the workshops you learn by navigating freely within the content, focusing on situational communication or on areas of proficiency: comprehension or expression, both oral and written, grammar, vocabulary or culture.
- the activities:
With voice recognition technology you can do outstanding oral work through interactive dialogues or phonetics activities: the software evaluates your pronunciation and helps you improve.
TELL ME MORE ® also introduces 3 totally exclusive oral activities:
* TV reports in their ORIGINAL LANGUAGE with Euronews®. The lesson is organized around a Euronews® video, about 2 minutes long, in its original language. In 50 minutes, you will be able to work on your oral comprehension and the vocabulary and grammar elements presented in the TV report. (3).

* dubbing a tv series: like in a recording studio, using karaoke methods and following the script, rehearse the characters’ lines (3).
* the brand new Conversation Virtuelle™ (Virtual Conversation] activity: in an unstructured conversation with a virtual character, you use contextual material learned earlier (2).
- Total mobility!
Keep working (and learning!) wherever you are (on the train, in the car, at home…):
. on your Pocket PC or Smartphone with Windows Mobile®* (videos, audio feeds, cultural notes…)
. on your MP3 player, your iPod®
. on audio CD’s
Note: Exporting data from TELL ME MORE® to your Pocket PC/ Smartphone requires the free download of the correct synchronization tool.

5. Schedule your private classes with the Live Tutor™

Starting 2 business days after your enrollment in Live Tutor™ services, and as far in advance as 3 months, you can schedule your classes for any time during the validity of your Webpass™ membership.
To do it, just access the class topics site from your Webpass™ site and select those that interest you.
On the class scheduling page, choose your instructor and check his/her schedule. Choose the topics and reserve your sessions with a simple click. You may change instructors from one session to another or keep the same one, as you like.
You can cancel or reschedule your class any time up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled class.

6. Your private classes

On the day and time agreed on, the instructor calls you via skype® using the nickname you gave during enrollment.
You will prepare for the class for at least 5 minutes with the material supplied.
You can, of course, record the classes with the “Skype call recorder” software, that you install yourself.
The class is centered on the topic and explores concepts encountered through various interactive exercises with the instructor, such as role-playing. The object is to encourage you to express yourself as much as possible in the target language. A few minutes before the end of the 25 minutes of the SKYPE conversation, the instructor reviews with you what has been covered during your class and suggests points on which further attention is needed.
If you have an instructor who also speaks your native language and if you are a beginner, you can alternate between your native language and the target language.

7. Monitor and evaluate your progress

Monitoring makes you aware of your progress.
• As soon as you feel ready, you may take a test validating what you have learned.
• You also have two chances to take the test preparing for the major examinations recognized in the market (including The Toeic®). This test, which lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, lets you evaluate your level in the 6 key areas: oral and written expression and comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. It gives you the equivalent scores for the ratings by the Council of Europe.
• At the end of your program, you are awarded a certificate attesting to the skills level you have reached. Since the TELL ME MORE® method is used by many major companies in France and abroad, this certificate may prove useful to you professionally.

8. Extending your training

If you wish, you may extend your Webpass™ + Live Tutor™ membership for a new period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months + the number of private classes corresponding to each plan. You may also choose to subscribe just to Live Tutor™ private classes or only to Webpass™. If you extend your Webpass™ subscription, you keep your account and your training data.


With TELL ME MORE® Webpass™ + Live Tutor ™, you get a method that is:


The software surrounds you with your target language. But you retain the option at any moment of seeing the instructions in one of the 5 available languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish), and of accessing the translation and pronunciation of words, and explanations of the grammar.


To help you develop the right habits in the areas of pronunciation, intonation and accent, the TELL ME MORE® software uses voice recognition in a wide range of activities. At any point, by "right clicking" on a word, you activate the module which lets you practice its pronunciation.
You also get a certain number of private classes where you put the oral skills learned using the software into live practice.


Both with the software and the Live Tutor™, you learn to communicate in real-life and professionally related situations. You gain experience in written and oral language, and also in the culture of that language.


As you use the software, you work on subject matter appropriate to your level and within each lesson you acquire step-by-step linguistic knowledge and skill which in the end allow you to master the communication situation and to take part in the interactive dialogue with understanding and ease of participation.
Concerning your classes with the Live Tutors, it is recommended that you schedule them for increasingly higher levels and more complex subject matter.


More than 2,000 hours of learning spread over 5 levels from beginner to expert, 40,000 exercises in 40 types of interactive, stimulating activities, including 90 hours of video (1) and 300 different LIVE TUTOR™ class topics (5).


The TELL ME MORE® method has been awarded the prestigious “Reconnu d’Interêt Pédagogique” distinction by the French Ministry of Education. In France and abroad, many prominent educational institutions have adopted it for their students (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale d’Administration, Sciences Po, University of California - Berkeley, Virginia Tech University, ...). Well-known companies use it also, among them Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Renault, Total, BMW... In addition, it has been frequently praised in newspaper and magazine articles and by panels of independent specialists.
(1) Cf. Recommended configuration.
(2) numbers given pertain to English studies. See the "compare our plans" tables for data concerning the other languages.
(3) Conversation Virtuelle™ (Virtual Conversation) is available only for the English program.
(4) the Dubbing of TV Series, the Euronews® videos, and the certification test are not available in the Dutch program.
(5)100 class topics for the 4 languages other than English
See the GTS.

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